Why Bundles? was created to offer our customers more for less, period.

After decades in e-commerce our founders realized that with the 'Free Shipping' model which is dominant in e-commerce today, the more products a customer purchased at a time, the higher profit they would make. This is due to mainly saving money on shipping rates. Good for them, bad for the customers. So they decided to change the model and pass those savings down. 

It is our mission to build the most diverse and extensive multi-product catalog online. Everything from AI and historic sales data based high quality offerings to the simple save by buying more (multi-pack) options. 

With the implementation of custom algorithms and software, over time as more sales are generated, the offerings will become more relevant and specific. So keep coming back to check on the new offerings in your interested categories.

As well, if you would like a custom bundle created just for you, submit a custom bundle request and one of our representatives will analyze the products and create the new listing for you to get the best bang for your buck!

Thanks for stopping by and happy saving!